100 million users’ personal data allegedly compromised in T-Mobile data breach – News 12 Bronx


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News 12 Staff

Aug 17, 2021, 12: 27pm

Updated on: Aug 17, 2021, 12: 27pm

Roblox stock took a plunge after a weaker than expected second quarter earnings. The game platform posted an EPS loss of 25 cents, well short of the expected 24 cent EPS. Revenue came in at $454.1 million, also short of the expected $689.2 million. Despite the earnings miss, the future looks bright for Roblox as the company did see its average daily active user numbers grow 29% since last year.

Spirit Airlines says the company lost about $50 million due to its recent disruptions, which caused nearly 3,000 canceled flights this summer. Spirit blames staffing shortages and technical disruptions for the cancellations. The company also says it is intending to cut its schedule for the third quarter to ease up on staffing and prevent more cancellations from happening. The airline industry has been experiencing a shortage in staff, including the number of pilots.

T-Mobile confirms it was hit by a data breach over the weekend, but isn't giving any specifics. The mobile provider said it had been looking into a post from an online forum alleging the personal data of over 100 million people was compromised. The stolen information reportedly contains things like social security numbers, phone numbers, driver's license information and personal addresses of users. It's still unknown exactly who was affected and what information was stolen.

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