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Commissioners sign resolution against 30 x 30

The Dawes County Commissioners met at 9 a.m. June 22. The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Jake Stewart. Board Members present were Vic Rivera and Levi Grant.

At the meeting, Resolution No. 2021-17 was introduced an approved, indicating the negative impact the 30x30 Land Grab will have on Dawes County.

Also at the meeting, Board reports were presented including:

Grant: Area Aging is recovering from COVID and will hire one individual to administer the American Rescue Plan for several counties; PADD was business as usual and OHD took care of end of the year business and a performance review was conducted.

Rivera: Region 1 is experiencing problems with membership not showing for meetings. There was a director’s report and monthly finances were reviewed.

Stewart: NCAP did an evaluation of the CEO, Karen Eisenbarth and Dawes County CDBG refunding projects have started; Region 23 and SWANN didn’t meet; NNDC will be meeting soon. Commissioner Stewart also reported on the NACO County Board workshop he attended in Kearney, Nebraska. NACO is strongly recommending counties put the American Rescue Funding into an interest-bearing account upon receipt and don’t spend until such time final regulations for spending are finalized. Other seminars attended by Commissioner Stewart included Employment Law, NE. Department of Economic Development, Broadband services, wind power, cyber security, mental health and re-districting.

Commissioner Stewart also shared legislative bills passed, in committee or will go onto the 2022 legislative session. He encouraged Board members to contact their Senator with concerns.

In other business the Board reviewed and approved by general consent all monthly fee/mileage reports of the various departments.

The Road Construction Chief salary was discussed but no action will be taken until budget time. A petition request submitted by Chuck McCance to install a water line crossing under Airport Road was discussed by the Board. The request was later approved and Chairman Stewart was directed to sign it.

The Board also reviewed and approved surplus requests submitted by the Roads, Public Defender and Communications Departments.

The Board briefly discussed the American Rescue Plan and approved moving forward with the plan and all its regulations and requirements.

A Veteran’s board appointment was reviewed by the Board, as Gene Von Forrell has expressed an interest in serving on the Veterans Board. Commissioner. His appointment to the board was approved.

The final order of business for was adoption of Resolution No. 2021-18, granting budget authority in the total amount of $86,814.35 to the various departments to meet current expenditures for fiscal year 2020-2021, leaving a balance in the Miscellaneous General Fund of $86,673.94.

The next meeting of the Dawes County Commissioners will be July 13 beginning at 9 a.m. with the Board of Equalization Meeting, followed by the Commissioner Meeting at

about 9: 20 a.m. Both meetings will be held in the Commissioner room. The agenda will close at noon on July 8.

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