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The next big investment in cybersecurity.

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We are all keen to know what the next big investment will be, and a lot of time is spent researching and reading reviews and stock ratings. This article provides a clear background and current status report as to the next big investment in cybersecurity.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is any criminal activity where a computer, a computer network or networked device are targeted for illicit gain. It also involves crimes committed using computers for access and assisted by online technology. The main rationale is financial and although there are also those who perform cyber-attacks for political or protest reasons, also known as hacktivism the majority of current cyber-crime is carried out by criminals for financial gain.

How much it costs and how much is made off cybercrime.

There are generally two ways to look at the business of cyber-crime, one is the cost of the act of crime itself and the other is the cost associated with protection – these are all costs associated with the industry. Cybercrime has become such a major issue that developers are now forced to include security at every level of development. A professional DevSecOps approach is the only way many would argue that you can build security into the system.

Why it is now one of the biggest industries in the world

Worth over USD 153.16 Billion in 2020, the cybersecurity industry is growing year on year and expected to reach a total of USD 366.10 Billion by 2028.

Security is now a key part of the development and no longer an afterthought. This is going to be the only way to beat cybercriminals. To think about them while we develop software and applications, so that at every point in the development phase security is key.

Ongoing opportunity for investment.

Cybercrime is ongoing and a proven concept, such as cyber security and all the different layers of this, will provide numerous and varied options for business development and investment. DevOpsSec is a great example of how the sector has developed and that no longer is security an add-on. Cybersecurity is mainstream and should be seen as a critical component for all and as such market share has exploded, demand has increased for simple cybersecurity solutions and investors have made significant returns.

Why investing in cyber security is a secure investment

The growth of the cybersecurity industry is not likely to slow down in the coming years as there are a number of trends driving the growth. One is the significant move to remote working as a result of COVID. This work-from-home trend has made some businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks and boosted the demand for cybersecurity firms. As cybercriminals take advantage of unprotected home networks and employees that do not have IT support at hand, the IT industry believe that companies are now more at risk than ever.

The trend towards cloud-based technology and the demand for data transfers also require more sophisticated cybersecurity software. As companies rely increasingly on cloud technology to ensure their operations are streamlined, efficient, and agile, so they also open themselves to cyber attackers that are primed for this growing trend.

With the global cybersecurity market worth around $170 billion, and with a growth rate of around 10% between now and 2027, investment opportunities are ripe.

There are a number of companies reporting strong earnings that are worth looking at in terms of investment opportunities. Some of these include household names, but also newer companies focused on the growing cloud security market.

You could also look at investing in startups that have the potential to grow well into the medium and long term.

What to do to get involved?

If you are new to the investment trend, you might want to consider investing smaller amounts in a diverse range of different cybersecurity companies rather than risking a large sum in just one company. This means building a portfolio across different types of cybersecurity companies, whether they are generalists or niche operators. This ensures you are able to capitalize on any upwards trends in particular sectors, even if there are also downward risks in others.

This has been a brief introduction to the possibilities that will become available in the field of cybersecurity and protection. With more people than ever before involved in cloud computing and online driven businesses, there will be an ongoing demand for reliable security, and where there is a demand, there will be suppliers falling over each other to develop the next best solution. Find the right firm, get in on the ground floor and you could be onto a winner.

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