Colorado Secretary of State Griswold bans voting audits, raises further suspicions of voters – The Colorado Herald


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Unlike states with competent and impartial Secretaries of State, Colorado won’t allow any audits of the 2020 election. The rules enacted by Jena Griswold, Secretary of State, on Thursday prohibit county clerks from allowing anyone access to voting machines, which seems curious for an SoS with allegedly nothing to hide. She has very little regard for concerns of a large sector of her constituents…concerns that the 2020 elections may have been stolen.

From Colorado Politics:

“The rules also require that person to be either an employee of the county clerk’s office or Griswold’s office, an election judge or an employee of a company that provides voting machines to that county. Voting machine manufacturers often make employees available to service and update machines. Those rules would block third parties, such as the Cyber Ninjas firm brought in by Republicans in the Arizona state Senate, from accessing voting machines.”

In other words, Jena Griswold doesn’t care whether or not voters have any faith in the election; Biden was declared the winner, and any concerns are illegitimate in the mind of Colorado’s Secretary of State.

In almost Communist country fashion, Dominion is “working with” the Secretary of State’s office to perform upgrades on all of its machines. Several small groups across the state have formed to organize efforts against Griswold’s dictatorial actions. From Garfield County Patriots Mona Demicell, “RIFLE, COLORADO, June 2, 2021 – In a leaked newsletter sent to all Colorado County Clerks, it’s been discovered that the Colorado Secretary of State has outsourced its election security to a vendor, Dominion, rather than safeguarding election equipment using independent cyber security experts.”

Meanwhile, Griswold is ignoring the cries of millions of Coloradoans in their desire for election audits. This move should come as no surprise to Coloradoans; Griswold is an Emerge candidate and a Soros family campaign funding recipient in 2018.

Emerge is a boot camp for radical left-wing women and trans people that not only teaches candidates how to use narratives like systemic racism and transphobia to manipulate an outcome; it also provides them with the connections and resources to run for office and win. Jena Griswold held a virtual event in May, 2020 with Emerge, called “Election Protection” in which she touted the effectiveness and safety of her own elections and charged virtual attendees $100 each, which went to Emerge. But protecting the election seems to be the furthest issue from Griswold’s agenda. Instead, she is determined to stifle audits and call any questions “the big lie.”

Since Griswold has effectively told half of her constituents that their concerns don’t matter to her as Secretary of State, she should be wary of others running to unseat her from the coveted position.

While no one has declared candidacy in Tracer to run against Griswold for SoS, rumors abound that Rose Pugliese, attorney and former Mesa County Commissioner, is eyeing a run for Griswold’s spot. Pugliese’s handling of the COVID-19 scandal, as reported by Colorado Politics, was resolute and intent on local governments making decisions for their constituents rather than broad state-based policies of lockdowns and distancing.

“For me, it goes back to local governments are in the best position to determine the needs of our communities during this crisis.”

Pugliese opposes a national popular vote and calls herself an “accidental politician,” initially becoming involved in the local Republican Party at a yard sale in 2008.

Pugliese to CoPo on why she is a Republican

But whether or not Pugliese throws her hat into the SoS ring, someone will come along to challenge Griswold and her Detroit politics approach to “fair elections,” which is really nothing more than elbow throwing and “who’s got more power” type of behavior. Griswold’s lack of concern for her constituents’ voting concerns and the voters who elected her into power is indicative of the Emerge mentality.

Once most Emerge candidates are elected into office, such as Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, who infamously stole a police bodycam over the summer of riots in Denver and faced no consequences, they do whatever they want in the name of social justice, anti-racism, and “equality.” Griswold’s behavior is not indicative of a Secretary of State but a socialist agitator, much like her associates. In fact, Griswold’s Facebook account is awash with partisan politics, anti-Trump rhetoric, and just the type of Democrat superiority that’s wearing thin on both sides of the aisle.

Griswold’s behavior and partisan politics are wearing so thin, in fact, that grassroots efforts like those by Sheronna Bishop, “America’s Mom,” and Garfield County Patriots, are organizing to investigate and protect elections across the state. Coloradoans don’t feel reassured about election integrity when their Secretary of State allows Dominion, the company accused by many of election fraud, to perform “updates” on its own machines will disallowing anyone from accessing those machines.

Friday, Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown issued a statement: “Jena Griswold is a partisan hack who always misses the opportunity to lead. It’s sad to see she continues to use her taxpayer-funded office for a purely partisan agenda and performative rule making.”

By 2022, voters will have seen enough of Jena Griswold’s politics to elect a competent Secretary of State who’s able to set aside political differences in protecting the integrity of the vote, the most important aspect of our republic…which Griswold does not hold in high regard.

~Darcy Schoening

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