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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most prominent technological trends in recent years.

In 2020 Over 8 billion IoT device.The number is projected to increase as more industries prepare Industry 4.0.. They use new technologies such as machine learning, big data and IoT to build effective strategies and keep track of things.

This post details the basic concepts, trends, and benefits of IoT.

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT Is a system of internet-connected devices that transfers and receives data from one side to the other. Processes can usually be monitored via mobile applications such as smartphones.

A good example is household appliances such as alarms that act on alarms. The curtain opens automatically each time the alarm sounds.

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It works thanks to the sensors built into both devices. First, the alarm clock sensor sends the alarm status to the cloud. The cloud reads and sends a signal to the sensor on the curtain to open it.

IoT has been used for various purposes such as smart homes, automobiles, and cities. However, even the smallest IoT projects generate a lot of data, so you need reliable cloud storage. Web hosting provider It runs smoothly.

Now let’s talk about IoT technology trends and innovative examples.

1. Increase in IoT apps

Many industries have begun to apply this technology to their products, believing that interconnected smart items will bring significant benefits such as efficiency and reduced manpower.

One of the everyday examples is a wearable fitness and health tracker.

It monitors important indicators such as heart rate, sleep and calorie intake and tells you about our health. Some wearables may also connect to third-party apps to share the user’s status with their healthcare provider.

Another example is home automation, such as: Nest thermostat.. It automatically sets the temperature according to the user’s preference and saves heating energy.

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2. Artificial intelligence by IoT

Because the sensors are connected, the IoT behaves like a “human body.” However, relying solely on this technology requires a great deal of effort for advanced data analysis.

As a result, artificial intelligence (AI) will act as the “human brain” that analyzes the data collected from the sensors and decides on further actions.

A good example of how AI and IoT work together is self-driving cars. IoT sensors detect road, traffic and parking conditions. AI analyzes the situation and drives the car at the optimum speed for smooth driving.

3. Edge computing

Edge computing closes the gap between data processing machines and IoT devices that generate data. Therefore, the closer the two locations are, the faster the data can be transferred.

IoT applications at oil refineries are a good example. Control valve sensors detect dangerous high pressure inside the pipe. In that case, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

If the device for data processing is far away from the sensor, the automatic shutoff instruction may be too slow. However, placing the processor closer to the sensor reduces the gap and speeds up automation.

4. IoT to support retail

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many physical supermarkets were temporarily closed due to a stay-at-home order. Although they had to face shortcomings, the pandemic also encouraged many retailers to use digitalization like the IoT.

A great example of IoT in retail is Amazon’s fully automated supermarket. Amazon Go..

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Reduce human interaction by using automatic checkout.Visitors Amazon Go App when entering the store. The sensor in the supermarket then adds the purchase to the application’s virtual cart each time it gets a product.

5. Improved cyber security

As more tools are connected to the network, people and businesses are becoming targets of cyberattacks. Fortunately, these situations also raise awareness about data protection.

Over 60% of the organization Almost as soon as the IoT began to gain popularity, it began improving cyber security protection. Their efforts included hiring IT professionals and installing IoT-based technologies such as security intelligence and advanced identity and access management.

6. Strengthen data analysis

Analysis of IoT data includes datasets collected by sensors. That is, the technology produces an analysis only after the data has been collected.

The following is an example of data analysis using IoT. Disney magic band wristband.. Visitors are required to wear this wristband when visiting Disney World. This wristband acts as a ticket, hotel room key, and credit card.

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Wristbands connect to thousands of sensors in the venue, so Disney knows where and what your visitors need. This helps Disney make smarter decisions, such as suggesting another vehicle to visitors or adding staff to crowded areas.

Benefits of IoT

Looking at the IoT trends and applications above, the main benefits of using this technology are:

  • Improves operational efficiency. The IoT can perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks and achieve automation.
  • Minimize human effort. IoT products such as smart home devices and self-driving cars help simplify the day-to-day operations of humans.
  • Cost reduction. Many companies using the IoT are reducing labor and other costs caused by human error.


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the system of interconnected devices connected to the Internet. This includes cloud platforms and sensors for working devices.

IoT is used in a variety of industries, including retail and home setup. They use this technology in their products and operational processes. It may even be combined with other types of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

The IoT benefits in many ways, including efficiency and cost. Therefore, it is very likely that more and more IoT devices will be released in the near future.

6 Trends Happening with the Internet of Things Source link 6 Trends Happening with the Internet of Things

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