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Introducing students and communities to cyber careers

Elk Grove, California-The City of Elk Grove recently Franklin High School Who won in 2021 NorCal Cyber ​​Mayor’s Cup – Sacramento area. As part of the Mayor’s Cup tournament, Elk Grove Mayor Bobby Singh Allen was awarded the Mayor’s Cup trophy by members of the anime club team earlier in the day.

On Saturday, April 17, educators, industry representatives, students, and local mayors gather about 200 students from junior high schools, high schools, and universities across the region for a one-day event. This year’s NorCal Cyber ​​Mayor’s Cup was effectively held for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The NorCal Cyber ​​Mayors Cup brings awareness to cybersecurity careers and provides students with the opportunity to engage in team-based learning. The Sacramento County Department of Education and the California Community College North Far North Regional Consortium hosted this year’s event. The event was hosted by SynED, a national non-profit organization that identifies new best practices for effective clarification among employers, job seekers and educational institutions.

“We need more cybersecurity professionals and individuals who understand this area.”

David Gordon, Principal of Sacramento County

Local mayor

The event was attended by four mayors, including Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. He was joined by Andrew Coolidge of Chico, Jill Gayaldo of Rocklin and Gloria Partida of Davis. The contest’s “game” was hosted on the Cyber ​​Skyline platform, the same platform used by the well-known National Cyber ​​League (NCL).

“We need to increase the number of cybersecurity professionals and individuals who understand this area,” said David Gordon, principal of Sacramento County, in a speech to students on April 17. People like you. … Now you are on the edge of a new frontier, and the rest of us rely on you to guide us safely there, and I step up to this challenge for all of you Thank you very much for that. “

Top high school team

In the Greater Sacramento area, the Myers Cup, presented to top high school teams, was awarded to Franklin High School’s Anime Club under the guidance of coach Christopher Schpping in Elk Grove, California.

The Franklin High School Anime Club team included Carmen Jimenez, Jason Fung, Mahmood Ikram, Kevin Lou, Ethan Ho, and Eric Lee.

Sean McNally, Cyber ​​Security Competition Coordinator at Elk Grove Unified School District, said: “It brings students, school teachers, parents, principals. It brings directors, takes government officials like the mayor to the same table, and for a while we all speak the same language. We are all learning what we need to do to make it better. “

“By maintaining this annual Mayor’s Cup, we can revisit. Why this is needed, why this is so important, and why so much for all age groups in all industries. Is it important? Throughout the community, conversations can be held between children and parents, between children and educators, between educators and district officials, and can also attract local governments and local media. I can do it. “

“… We are really impressed with the wonderful work the students are doing.”

Jared Amalong, Director of Computer Science

Jared Amalong, director of computer science and distance learning at the Sacramento County Department of Education, was thrilled to see the sense of the community on display at the Mayor’s Cup. “It was the moment I met Mayor Darrell Steinberg, a staff member of the Mayor’s Office of Sakuramento, picked up this giant trophy cup and delivered it to Mayor Elk Grove … that was the moment I noticed the community. Just seeing Mayor Steinberg greet his students on Saturday, April 17th, it was both his weekend and the children’s weekend, and with the joy of his face, Only such credibility is “Yes, this is really important to us and we are really impressed with the wonderful work our students are doing.” It says, “Wow, our community. It was a moment when I thought, “There is great power in connecting.” I hope we can grow on it. “

The permanent Mayor’s Cup trophy will be held by the mayor of the winning team until the next tournament. The NorCalCyber ​​Mayor’s Cup included two separately competing regions, the Greater Sacramento region and the Far North region. The medals were awarded to junior high school students, high school students, and college students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

The month before the Saturday contest, a weekly “Live @ 5” event was held, adding speakers from academia, business, cybersecurity industry, communities, states and local governments to students and parents. Up to 50 attendees listen to speakers each week, using the importance of cybersecurity careers and the technical education channels of local cybersecurity careers to help students embark on an exciting and well-paid career journey. Learn how to get started.

As many Live @ 5 speakers have pointed out, most of the future work will require at least a basic knowledge of cybersecurity. The increasingly digital world we live in and the threats that come with it already emphasize cybersecurity education and training.

The NorCal Cyber ​​Mayors Cup also serves to increase the importance of cybersecurity education in today’s increasingly technology-intensive world and to connect community leaders and stakeholders in a way that addresses this issue.

NorCal Cyber ​​Mayers Cup 2021 Winners

Greater Sacramento High School Winners

No. 1 Anime Club at Franklin High School in the City of Elk Grove Mayor’s Cup Trophy

Davis High School 2nd Place DSHS Blue Devils

3rd place hardship @RocklinHighfrom Loughlin High School

Greater Sacramento College Winners

No. 1 in the Sierra College College Cup Trophy Sierra Hacker

2nd SCC – Sacramento City College IT Club Team 1

3rd place SCC – Sacramento City College Team 2

Greater Sacramento Junior High School Winners

No. 1 in Toby Johnson Middle School CyberBots

2nd place (Jesuit High School Program yb3rK! D $

Toby Johnson Middle School 3rd place Jaguar Security

Far North High School Winner

# 1 Pablo and Chico Senior High Myers Cup Trophy Others

2nd place of Redwood Academy of Yukaia RA2021

Far North College Winners

Red Woods University Cup Trophy No. 1 Red Team

2nd place Blue Team at Red Woods University

3rd place team Mendocino at Mendocino University

Winners of Far North Junior High School

No. 1 Cyber ​​Warrior in Modock Junior High School

Elk Grove Honors Franklin High School Team for NorCalCyber Mayors Cup 2021 Victory Source link Elk Grove Honors Franklin High School Team for NorCalCyber Mayors Cup 2021 Victory

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