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Licia Corbella

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May 29, 2021  •  8 hours ago  •  5 minute read  •  21 Comments

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, on Sept. 4, 2016.
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, on Sept. 4, 2016. Photo by REUTERS/Damir Sagolj/File

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inability to see the malevolence of China’s Communist regime appears to be as strong as ever and his response to questions about that threat are as shameful and troubling as ever.

Recently, Alberta’s advanced education minister, Demetrios Nicolaides, sent a letter to four of the province’s universities asking them to suspend new or renewed partnerships with organizations linked with China or the Chinese Communist Party.

“I am deeply concerned about the potential theft of Canadian intellectual property and further concerned that research partnerships with the People’s Republic of China may be used by Chinese military and intelligence agencies,” wrote Nicolaides in a statement Wednesday.

“More needs to be done to curb foreign state infiltration into our research and innovation centres, including our post-secondary institutions.”

It’s a step every Canadian university should take.


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This news came on the heels of reports that Canadian scientists working at Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory in Manitoba have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens.

Canadian scientists in the special pathogens unit at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg and Chinese military researchers have co-authored six studies on infectious diseases such as Ebola and Lassa fever after conducting many experiments.

Naturally, this troubling information was legitimately brought up in the House of Commons during question period on Wednesday.

Manitoba MP Candice Bergen asked: “Well the problem is, and the prime minister maybe doesn’t realize this, is Communist China cannot be trusted. I know he admires their ‘basic dictatorship’, I know he liked to do fundraisers with them over the years, I know he thought they were the first go-to for vaccines, but at this point we would hope that he would learn a lesson and put the safety, security and protection of Canadians above this fascination he has with the Communist regime. So again, will he commit to ending this research and this co-operation with a regime that not only doesn’t have our interests in mind but actually wants to hurt Canada?”

A completely suitable question. Trudeau then accused Bergen, the Conservative MP for Portage-Lisgar, of racism — the favourite accusation meted out by likely the only world leader who has ever donned black face and brown face so many times he can’t count them.


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“Mr. Speaker, yes, from the beginning of my career onwards I have worked with many Chinese Canadians and indeed had fundraisers with them and the rise in anti-Asian racism we’re seeing over the past number of months should be of concern to everyone and I would recommend that the members of the Conservative Party in their zeal to make personal attacks not start to push too far into intolerance towards Canadians of diverse origins,” said Trudeau.

“We will continue to stand up to defend Canadians’ interests, Canadians’ security, we will continue to make sure we can do everything we can to keep Canadians safe while participating in the global research community and stand up for tolerance and diversity.”

To equate asking logical questions about the Chinese military working in a high-security Canadian laboratory with racism is disgraceful and is an attitude that has threatened Canada repeatedly, not least of which was with his government’s lackadaisical response to the COVID-19 virus in the early months, including its lack of action in closing our borders to flights out of Wuhan, China, to Canada at the beginning of the pandemic, an idea his government called racist as well.

Bergen, thankfully, was not swayed by the PM’s disingenuous smear that has been condemned by Chinese Canadian MPs.

“I’m not surprised the prime minister just hurls insults of racism. It’s his usual tactic, but Mr. Speaker I am not talking about Chinese Canadians, I’m talking about a Communist regime that nobody in the world trusts, except it would appear the prime minister of Canada. So I again will ask him about the Communist regime and the military that supports that regime. Will he stop research co-operation with that military, seeing the danger they pose, not only to Canada but to the world?”


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It’s not unusual for prime ministers to ignore the questions of opposition MPs, but you’d think that he’d at least pay heed to CSIS, the Department of National Defence, the RCMP, NATO, the Five Eyes, U.S. Intelligence and his own parliamentary security committee, but it doesn’t appear that he does.

Last year, on March 12, the same day it was announced that Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau — fresh from returning from an all-expenses-paid WE Day event in England — had contracted COVID-19, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians released its second annual report.

The 190-page heavily redacted report found that China and Russia are using undercover agents, members of their diaspora and groups based on Canadian campuses as part of “significant and sustained” foreign interference activities that “predominantly threaten the fundamental building blocks of Canada’s democracy.”

Just last month, the committee’s third report was released and pretty much repeated what it stated last year, though this report focused more on terrorism threats.

“Espionage has long been a substantive threat to the security of Canada and other nations … the growth of the internet and an increasingly interconnected society and economy have led to the proliferation of cyber activities as a vector of espionage, and an increase in the risk posed by ‘non-traditional collectors’ such as students and researchers. Espionage activities primarily involve foreign states trying to obtain political, economic and military information, or proprietary business information, through clandestine means.”


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Now there appears to be growing evidence that COVID-19 may have been created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a virus that has killed 3.51 million people and impoverished and sickened millions more.

“Foreign interference operations target the electoral process at all stages,” stated the 2019 report, but all examples describing how China and Russia interfered were redacted.

Is it possible that by being China’s stooge, our PM and his party has benefited from that meddling? The PM gets an unredacted report. At least that might explain why Trudeau continues to use the same talking points as those disseminated by the Communist Party of China, by conflating all legitimate criticism of that regime to racism.

Licia Corbella is a Postmedia columnist in Calgary. [email protected]

Twitter: @LiciaCorbella

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