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More specifics please

Re: “Republicans no longer believe they can win in free elections” [Volume 11, Issue 4 or bit.ly/3fGz0Co]

As a Republican who shares Mr. Quintals’ belief that free elections are an “essential American right,” I read the article with interest. Unfortunately it included few specifics about Republicans “coordinated attack on Americans’ right to participate freely in elections”.

The only specific issue mentioned was an Arizona law preventing votes cast in the wrong precinct from being counted. I don’t know the specifics of the Arizona law, or whether or not I consider it necessary, however I can’t imagine it advantages one party or the other.

The article does mention the Georgia election law, without giving any specifics. The part of that law I have read that Democrats most object to is the requirement to show identification in order to vote. Somehow that is said to disadvantage Democrat voters.

Showing identification, which includes numerous options, including stating ones SSN, does not seem to be asking much. My daughter and I are required to show identification, with our season passes to enter the San Diego Zoo. She, although handicapped and not able to drive, uses a free DMV issued identification card. I can easily compile a list of two-dozen common instances, likely more, where identification is required. I cannot imagine that anyone, even those Democrats who howl the loudest, really believes that showing identification to participate in this “essential American right” is biased against minorities or Democrats.

And, sadly, no Democrat position would be complete without playing the race card: referring to the Republican Party being “old and white.” And saying that Republicans “oppose democracy.” I am both old and white and will put my support for democracy up against anyone in the Democrat party.

Turning back to the voting laws, there should be two objectives: First, as Mr. Quintal mentions, American citizens need to be able to participate freely in elections. At the same time, we need to know that the system is not being abused by double voting, ineligibles voting, or any other means of corrupting the system.

Mr. Quintas, speaking for the Democratic club, shares the belief common with every Republican I know: that voting is an essential American right. So maybe we can start with that in mind and have a civilized discussion of the specific voter rules needed to achieve both above mentioned objectives. I expect that most of us would welcome a discussion that includes a bit less heat and name-calling and more civility. We might even be able to find common ground.

—Russell Buckley, La Mesa


Re: “Republicans no longer believe they can win in free elections” [Volume 11, Issue 4 or bit.ly/3fGz0Co]

Regarding the La Mesa Courier, I used to really enjoy reading this paper but lately I feel very frustrated reading it.

I don’t like the pot advertising above the masthead. Not a good look for La Mesa. Also, the headline on the Democratic opinion article is very deceptive. Democrats put on a huge effort to change election laws due to “COVID” before the 2020 election. I knew as soon as that happened they would try to keep those laws after COVID, which they are.

Republicans are trying to restore security back into voting. Every fraudulent vote disenfranchised is a legal voter. The headline is so negative toward Republicans. We all know that cyber security and other forms of security are increasing dramatically all the time to prevent fraud. It makes no sense that voting should be getting less secure. The article, of course is at the top of the page and very prominent.

Democrats and their policies are covered in such a positive light usually with no counter argument even mentioned. And history shows there are significant downsides to these policies, which are rarely mentioned. This is how almost all media covers Democrats, which is why they are winning in such large numbers. I am an economics graduate of SDSU and when I graduated information was much more balanced.

—Tiffany Shawkey, La Mesa

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