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For it Check for duplicates to be canceled The Department of Health and Social Services distributed a file Some appointment information including health insurance number, At COVID vaccination centers in Quebec.

Once out of the safe IT environment MSSS, The file is easily searchable Employees in information security made a mistake on the questionnaire On May 13th.

The MSSS The extent of the violation or the number of citizens affected by this data violation was not specified.

The error, originally reported by the QMI agency, was not made Caused harm, Assures the ministry, yet guarantees Has reviewed its policies with vaccination centers to prevent such a situation from happening again.

From now on, all transfers will have to be used [un canal sécurisé], Even if the data are not considered sensitive.

Rookie made a mistake

According to computer security expert Steve Waterhouse, this new breach explains the instability of government officials when it comes to manipulating citizens’ personal data.

These are basic errors, He insisted. In this case, there are no cross checks about the best practices that apply to Click Sante.

In his opinion, the Ministry of Health has never heard of a computer breach that he opened without the attention of internet users.

Without the vigilance of some people, malicious exploitation could have taken place here and once again, it would have harmed the population, the citizens.

The MSSS From the information disclosed, Unable to get a person’s identity, name or contact details.

The QMI agency that can contact one of the documents guarantees the opposite: by cross-checking between appointment dates and times, places of vaccination and health insurance numbers, It is possible to identify a few people.

With information from Camille Carpentier

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