Kaleida Health reveals third-party data breach of 600 pharmacy patients’ information – Buffalo News


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Kaleida Health reveals third-party data breach of 600 pharmacy patients' information

A benefits manager that works with Kaleida Health experienced a data breach in March that included data on about 600 Kaleida Health pharmacy patients, the health care provider said Thursday.

The company, CaptureRx, will be notifying each individual involved in the breach with a letter, Kaleida Health said.

A view by CaptureRx determined the files contained first name, last name, date of birth and prescription information, Kaleida Health said it was told.

CaptureRx is a specialty pharmacy benefits manager whose services include prescription claims processing, assisting patients with prescription drug programs and public health activities related to such programs.

In a statement released Thursday, Michael P. Hughes, chief administrative officer for Kaleida Health, said CaptureRx told Kaleida Health officials that it "investigated the incident, confirmed the security of CaptureRx’s systems, reviewed the contents of the relevant files for sensitive information, and notified covered entities associated with that sensitive information."

Hughes said CaptureRx has also notified appropriate regulatory authorities.

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