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According to a report by AusCERT and BDO, data breaches more than doubled in 2020. With employees working remotely, cloud adoption soaring, and new technologies being rolled out to facilitate transformation, enterprises have put themselves into a high-risk position with regards to their security, and the cyber criminals know that.

As noted by the report: “2020 was a cyber ‘trial by fire’ for many, so it’s unsurprising our survey found 20 per cent of respondents are less confident or more uncertain in their ability to respond to cyber attacks now than pre-COVID-19.”

With the changes brought on by COVID-19 expected to stay as part of the “new normal” within business culture, enterprises are looking for support in meeting this new security challenge. For MSPs, this is an opportunity to supply the strategic and technical framework that will cut close to one of the biggest concerns among their customers.

“MSPs should engage with their customers around security,” Jason Dover, VP of Product Strategy at Kemp, said. “Not only will serve the customers’ best interest in terms of protection, it also represents a lucrative business opportunity.”

Why visibility is key

For MSPs, being able to offer effective, strategic guidance around security is a matter of being able to develop network observability within their services. Being able to deliver intelligence and insights through the network is a key way in which the MSP is able to earn the ongoing support of their customers.

Dimension Data in the Czech Republic is a good example of this. The company partnered with Flowmon Networks to enhance its monitoring capabilities of its customer’s networks, and as Zbyszek Lugsch, a board member of Dimension Data, said, “The Flowmon solution enabled our customers to offer a new innovative solution ensuring a stable and secure network. We have implemented the solution at a number of customers in the commercial sector, government, ISP and telco, and have had very positive feedback. Flowmon is a great tool that satisfies all security managers. We see the cooperation with Flowmon Networks very positively.” (Read more about the partnership between Dimension Data and Flowmon here).

Meanwhile, one of Europe’s largest IT distributors, AT Computers, has deployed Flowmon APM to derive real-time information about each individual user of applications within its customers. Through this, ATC is able to immediately alert its customers to unusual events within their environments, which has lent their customers the ability to respond immediately, before the threat has had the chance to spread. (Read more about the benefits that Flowmon has provided ATC here).

Visibility and monitoring are critical because the range of threats that organisations face proliferate at a rate greater than the rate at which those threats can be individually identified and countered. In other words, effective security is more about being able to identify and respond to the symptoms (abnormal behaviour), rather than being able to identify a piece of malware or attack, as new attack vectors are hitting the Internet faster than they can be identified.

As noted in a KPMG report on the “new normal” with security: “We may not always be able to stay ahead of the threat actors who are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but the capability to prevent, detect, contain and respond to cyber incidents like a ransomware attack must now be a core business competency.”

This is something MSPs are uniquely positioned to provide. With their ability to proactively monitor their users’ environments in other areas, adding a scalable solution to monitor and respond to security threats 24/7 is an additional “value-add” that the MSP can take on that fits with the rest of their activities for their clients.

 “In the broad product portfolios that MSPs are curating, it always helps when the individual solutions can work together,” Dover said. “The Kemp Flowmon solution in particular holds a unique position among MSP offerings thanks to its integrability, which allows you incorporate its insights into an SNMP solution and thus improve information value while preserving user experience, or automatically block IP addresses on the firewall triggered by ML-powered anomaly detection.”

Providing enterprise security standards to all

Smaller businesses are the ones that are struggling the most to deal with the cyber threat escalation. With limited internal resources to dedicate to security, the idea of 24/7 proactive monitoring is well beyond their means. The acquisition, operation and maintenance of advanced security solutions reach far past their budgets, so MSPs provisioning of Kemp Flowmon network observability and NDR is often the only option SMEs have.

Kemp Flowmon can assist MSPs in providing security best practices with a highly scalable solution that gives SMEs access to the same security strategy that enterprises rely on. In doing so it allows the MSP to become a trusted partner in the SMEs growth.

“Network performance monitoring and network-centric security offer unique value to MSPs,” Dover said. “With continuing decentralization and diversification in digital environments, it is important to invest in future-proof technologies that can scale easily and cost-efficiently. MSPs therefore have an extraordinary opportunity to be the enabler of network visibility and security for their customers and to continue doing so no matter how their business, or that of their customers, evolves.”

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