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April 29, 2021

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    by: Liisa M. Thomas
    and Kari M. Rollins
  • Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges: Implications of the Biden...
    by: Joseph E. Tierney IV
  • FLSA’s Extended Limitations Period Requires Plausible Factual...
    by: Jeffrey W. Brecher
    and Noel P. Tripp
  • Ontario to Introduce Paid Leave for Time Off Related to COVID-19
    by: Emily Cohen-Gallant
    and Caroline M. DeBruin
  • Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Now In Effect
    by: Liisa M. Thomas
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  • FDA Signals Reporting Requirements for Clinical Trials Enforcement...
    by: Heather Hatcher, Ph.D.
  • Virginia Tech MAAP Releases New Report on Public Perception on Drone...
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  • Episode 15: Interview with Mark Catlin, Industrial Hygienist, MDC...
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    and Adam Roseman
  • Metropolitan Washington D.C. Police Department Hit with Ransomware...
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  • What are the best practice areas for solo attorneys?
    by: Kamron Sanders
  • DOI’s Regulation of Offshore Wind Leases Coming Into Clearer Focus...
    by: Sarah Y. Dicharry
    and Meghan E. Smith
  • Senator Cornyn Considers Expansion of ITC’s Authority under Section...
    by: Adam R. Hess
    and Rory Murphy
  • Reverse Confusion Suit Not Ironclad, but SmartSync Lives On
    by: Joshua Revilla
  • Eversource Energy Notifies Customers of Data Breach
    by: Linn F. Freedman
  • BREAKING NEWS: Florida Privacy Protection Act Passes in Senate, Can...
    by: Kristin L. Bryan
  • The Ongoing US Vaccine Passport Debate
    by: Lara D. Compton
    and Bridgette A. Keller
  • The Churl Nextdoor
    by: Theodore F. Claypoole
  • Adobe Introduces Software to Replace Third-Party Cookies
    by: Kathryn M. Rattigan
  • Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Florida’s Assumption of Clean...
    by: Andrew J. Turner
    and Matthew Z. Leopold
  • California Legislature Considers Bills Supporting Hazard Pay for...
    by: Laura A. Pierson-Scheinberg
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  • Full Enforcement of REAL ID Law Moved to 2023
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  • Patent Owner Tip #4 For Surviving An Instituted IPR: Take The Time To...
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  • Tightening the Reins: SEC Approves Proposed Rule Change to Clearing...
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  • You Shall Not Pass – Bankruptcy Court in Intelsat Grants Debtors’...
    by: Kyle F. Arendsen
  • If You Can’t Build it, They Won’t Come: No Obviousness Based on...
    by: Christopher M. Bruno
  • Ten DEA Compliance Issues for 2021
    by: Dr. Nick Oberheiden
  • China Publishes Draft Security Standard on Facial Recognition
    by: Hunton Andrews Kurth’s Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Bankruptcy Basics: Secured vs. Unsecured Claims
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  • School’s Out: Trademark Settlement Agreement Enforceable
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  • Connecticut to Ease COVID-19 Restrictions Beginning May 1, 2021
    by: John G. Stretton
    and William C. Ruggiero
  • Businesses Must Prepare For Expansive AML Reporting of Beneficial...
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    and Michael M. Rosensaft
  • State Sales Tax on Sale of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – Questions and...
    by: Marvin A. Kirsner
  • Fourth Estate Registration Requirement Defeats Pro Se Copyright...
    by: David Mlaver
  • EPA Likely to Deny Pending and New LVE Submissions for PFAS
    by: Lynn L. Bergeson
    and Carla N. Hutton
  • Hydrogen Rising: From Concept to Market – H2 Advances in Germany [...
    by: Dr. Annette Mutschler-Siebert, M. Jur. (Oxon)
  • Old Dawg, Still the Same Tricks: Bankruptcy Asset Successor is Also...
    by: Ravi Vohra
  • Another Diversity Suit Tossed on Forum Selection Grounds
    by: Joseph S. Hartunian
  • Canada COVID-19 Update: Paid Vaccination Leave and Provincial Travel...
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    and Caroline M. DeBruin
  • Will California Authorize Remote On-line Notarization?
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  • EPA Announces Approval of Supplemental Residual Surface Coating...
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  • Hydrogen Rising: Hydrogen is Truly Rising Opportunities for the...
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  • China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate Releases 2020 Data and Typical...
    by: Aaron Wininger
  • “Buy American” Update: Essential Medicines May Continue to Come From...
    by: David S. Gallacher
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  • Handling Grievances webinar follow-up questions, Part 2 (UK)
    by: David Whincup
  • Hydrogen Rising: Wading In: Water Resource Issues in the Development...
    by: Alyssa A. Moir
    and David L. Wochner
  • 9th Circuit Permits Enforcement of AB 5 Against Interstate Motor...
    by: Cary G Palmer

April 27, 2021

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  • Supreme Court Update: Jones v. Mississippi (No. 18-1259), AMG Capital...
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  • Congress Holds Hearing on FTC Powers– Watch Here
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  • Activision Files Lawsuit Over the Rights to Use the Word Warzone in...
    by: Juthamas Judy Suwatanapongched
  • $1.28 Million Seized and Four Men Arrested in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin...
    by: Raymond G. Lahoud
  • DOL’s New Outreach Initiative and Guidance on Application of the FLSA...
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  • FCC Proposes 911 Outage Reporting Rules
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  • And One More Thing: The NFA Adopts Rules Establishing CPO Notice...
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  • And The Survey Says: Companies Fared Well In Their 2020 Union...
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    by: Eilene Spear
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  • PFAS Action Act of 2021 Increases Pressure On Biden To Act
    by: John Gardella
  • NLRB General Counsel Reveals Intent to Expand Section 7 Protections
    by: Steven M. Swirsky
    and Kyle D. Winnick
  • EEO-1 Data Collection Portal Open: Batch File Upload Not Available...
    by: Laura A. Mitchell
  • Governor to Consider Significant New Health and Safety Obligations as...
    by: Eric Raphan
    and Lindsay Colvin Stone
  • Do District of Columbia Workplace Laws Apply to Employees in this...
    by: Jessica L. Westerman
  • District Court in Third Circuit Confirms That, When it Comes to Data...
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  • COVID-19 Waivers Ending for Skilled Nursing Facilities
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  • “I Robot:” The SEC Evaluates the First Law of Robotics
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  • Illinois Enacts Law Limiting Use of Criminal Conviction Records When...
    by: Johner T. Wilson III
    and Jessica E. Chang
  • FTC Engages in First Enforcement Action under COVID-19 Consumer...
    by: Samantha P. Kingsbury
  • President Biden to Issue Executive Order Today Directing $15 Minimum...
    by: Laura A. Mitchell
  • House of Pay’n – House Passes Bill to Help Create Legal Framework for...
    by: Daniel L. McAvoy
    and Peter F. Waltz
  • Farm to Fork
    by: Food and Drug Law at Keller and Heckman
  • April 28, 2021: Foley Weekly Automotive Report
    by: John R. Trentacosta
    and Ann Marie Uetz
  • The United States Department of Justice Scores Another Victory...
    by: Tycko & Zavareei Whistleblower Practice Group
  • Newly Comprised NLRB Declines to Modify “Contract Bar” Rule (US)
    by: William J. Kishman
  • HHS to Repeal SUNSET Rule
    by: Food and Drug Law at Keller and Heckman
  • Florida Moves Forward a Revised Consumer Privacy Bill
    by: Joseph J. Lazzarotti
    and Jason C. Gavejian
  • Providers Enrolled in Colorado Medicaid May Need to Obtain and Use a...
    by: Jim Miles
    and Loreli Wright
  • List Of Foreign Margin Stocks - Been A Long Time Gone
    by: Keith Paul Bishop
  • Handling Grievances webinar follow-up questions, Part 1 (UK)
    by: David Whincup
  • Coming Soon: Revisions to Cal OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Temporary...
    by: Cressinda D. Schlag
    and Sierra Vierra
  • 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 Component 1 Filing Site Is Now Open
    by: James A. Patton
    and Kiosha H. Dickey
  • BREAKING NEWS: Second Circuit Rejects “Suggestion” of Circuit Split,...
    by: Kristin L. Bryan

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The Dutch Data Protection Authority recently imposed a €475,000 fine ($558,000) against the hotel website for waiting longer than 72 hours to report a data breach. According to the Dutch DPA press release, learned of the breach on January 13, 2019 and reported it to the DPA on February 7, 2019. The DPA did not make it clear in that release whether had, in fact, determined on January 13, 2019 that a security breach impacting personal information of Dutch citizens had occurred or whether January 13, 2019 was date that was first alerted to suspicious activity.

The situation arose when hackers persuaded hotel staff to reveal their account log-in details. The hackers then used these credentials to log into, and stole information of more than 4,109 customers, including names, addresses, phone numbers and details about their bookings. Also taken was a smaller number of credit card numbers (283) and along with security codes for a smaller percentage (97). notified impacted individuals on February 4, 2019, three days before it notified the Dutch DPA. The DPA decision was based only on late notification, not for causing or being at fault for the underlying breach.

Putting it into Practice:  This decision is a reminder that EU regulators expect to be notified within 72 hours of a company “becoming aware of a personal data breach.” This would in almost all circumstances occur before notification to individuals. Companies should take care to continuously scrutinize the facts being gathered and discovered during an investigation to be able to track the date on which they first discover facts that would confirm or suggest a personal data breach has occurred.  

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