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DORSET has one of the highest rates of cyber crime in the UK, figures reveal – with hacking the most common method.

During the pandemic between March 2020 to March this year, a study revald Dorset has recorded 57.4 victims of cybercrime per 100,000 people – the sixth highest rate compared to other areas in the UK.

The study comes from security company ESET, which suggests the hacking as a leading criminal activity, which accounts for three quarters of reported cases.

Hacking social media and email accounts is the most common of all types of cybercrime with 15,367 reports (46.7 per cent) in 2020, followed by computer viruses at 8,103 (24.62 per cent). Personal hacking comes in third with 5,579 (16.95 per cent) in 2020, then hacking extortion at 3,144 (9.55 per cent).

According to the study, from January 2020 to January 2021 there was a 19.1 per cent increase in cybercrime across the UK, rising from 2,281 at the beginning of 2020 to 2,488 at the start of 2021 – which is a rise of over 205 in the space of the last year.

The study looked into cybercrime data from the City of London Police’s Fraud and Cybercrime Dashboard to discover the most common types of cybercrime in the UK.

A spokesman from Dorset Police said: “Throughout the pandemic, cyber crime reporting has remained relatively steady.

“We’ve not seen a significant rise in the volume of reports, though there was a notable shift towards Covid-19 as a theme.

“Cyber criminals relied on people’s uncertainty and fear in the early stages of the pandemic, with the coronavirus proving to be an effective hook for scams around PPE, health guidance and potential cures.

“As the situation developed, criminals began to focus on schemes like furlough, and other financial aid, as well as the vaccine drive. However, public awareness around Covid-19 has increased to such a degree that this is no longer such a regular theme for scams – with criminals reverting to more generic messages.

To help combat the threat of cyber crime Dorset Police works with other forces, regional and national units to prevent and investigate offences. As part of the Cyber Protect network, we offer free cyber safety and awareness sessions to community groups, businesses across the county, as well as a range of charitable organisations.

The reporting of cyber crime is vital to ensure that victims can receive the help and support that they need, as well as offenders being brought to justice. Dorset Police continue to encourage such reporting. If you believe that you have been a victim of cyber crime please ensure that offences are reported to Action Fraud.

For additional security advice please see the information contained on sites such as the Cyber Aware campaign ( and the Dorset Police website.

For more on Action Fraud, visit:


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