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User license plate numbers, emails, phone numbers and in-app vehicle nickname data was stolen in March, according to ParkMobile emails sent to users Monday.

Encrypted account passwords were accessed, but the encryption keys were not stolen. The company still urged users to change their passwords.

A small number of customers’ mailing addresses were also accessed, according to the company.

Past parking transactions were not part of the stolen data, and neither was credit card information.

The information emailed to customers came after the company did an internal investigation and found the breach in a third-party software. The email said they fixed the vulnerability.

ParkMobile is the largest parking app in the U.S. with over 20 million users. Their service is available in over 3,000 locations, according to the app’s website.

The company has worked with the city of Columbia since 2015 to make street parking easier. The app allows users to pay metered parking from their phone rather than with coins at the physical meter.

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