University releases updated COVID-19 guidelines for upcoming semesters – SFA The Pine Log Online


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The University announced changes to the current COVID-19 protocol for the upcoming summer semester. Face coverings will still be required inside all buildings, but social distancing has changed from six to three feet and occupancy on campus will once again be at 100% except for in classrooms and labs.  

“We are encouraged by the promising trends, and we know our faculty, staff and students are eager to return to in-person learning and experiences,” said SFA President Scott Gordon. “These latest adjustments reflect a measured approach, and we will continue to monitor conditions to keep our community safe and healthy as we do so.”  

Currently, there is one active COVID-19 case on campus and that student is reported to already be in quarantine. Both North and South Hall, the designated quarantine dorms, are at 99% available capacity. In addition, vaccinations have become available for anyone over the age of sixteen.  

Chief Marketing Communications Officer Graham Garner said “We have a broad group of thoughtful and professional representatives who have closely monitored pandemic trends and health practices, both nationally and locally. Their knowledge and discussions have continuously helped adapt our policies and approaches, and we are pleased that they could support some measured changes that will help us get closer to normal while still remaining safe.”  

Despite the outlook on cases, not everyone agrees with the protocol changes. Craig Miller is a junior majoring in cyber security and is one of the students who doesn’t agree with the changes.  

“I disagree with the CDC changing the rules from 6 feet to 3 feet because it increases the risk on COVID being spread again. If the rules worked in the first place, why change it? I believe that we should continue normal rules until there’s no trace of covid in Nacogdoches,” said Miller. 

The plan is for SFA to move from Campus Operation Status 2, which has been in effect since Fall 2020, to Status 1.5 during Summer 2021. If Status 1.5 works out, the campus will be back to Status 1or normal operations, in the fall.  

The new COVID-19 protocol for Summer 2021 will take effect May 17 

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