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HUNTINGTON — The company that the Huntington Municipal Parking Board uses to collect mobile parking payments released information about a recent cybersecurity breach.

ParkMobile notified users about a cybersecurity breach it became aware of in March. Last week, the company released findings of its investigation conducted with a cybersecurity firm following the incident. Users received an email about the incident over the weekend.

“We quickly eliminated the third-party vulnerability, and we continue to maintain our security and monitor our systems,” ParkMobile said in the updated notice on its website. “Out of an abundance of caution, we also notified the appropriate law enforcement authorities.”

No credit card information was accessed, nor data about a user’s parking transaction history, the notice said.

Basic user information, such as license plate numbers, email addresses and phone numbers, was accessed. Encrypted passwords, but not the encryption keys needed to read the passwords, were also accessed, the notice said. ParkMobile encrypts user passwords with advanced hashing and salting technology to protect them.

ParkMobile does not collect Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or dates of birth, according to the notice.

Mike Wilson, the Huntington Municipal Parking Board executive director, said ParkMobile has been in contact with the board. He said the company notified the board about the initial incident in March and again about the investigation findings.

“It seems like they are doing a good job with containing this,” Wilson said.

He said there have been no previous issues like this and the breach would not affect the board and the company’s current relationship.

ParkMobile and the parking board entered a partnership in 2017. Huntington residents and visitors can use the app on a mobile device to pay for parking on the go at meters or parking lots.

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