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A mobile coronavirus vaccination clinic was parked at the Robinson Middle School in Lowell on Monday.

Video Transcript

There’s a new program in Lowell to administer shots to residents through pop up mobile clinics at neighborhood sites throughout the city. WBZ’s Lisa Gresci shows us how city officials are looking to make the process as convenient as possible.

LISA GRESCI: This mobile vaccination clinic parked here at the Robinson Middle School is Lowell’s first. And on day one, it’s already making a big difference for those who have been trying to get a shot.

AUGUST CHAPMAN: I feel blessed to be able to get one at this particular stage in the game.

LISA GRESCI: The yellow Yankee buses have been completely transformed from travel buses to moving vaccination centers.

MICHAEL COSTA: Each one of the buses was made standard for 50 seats. We’ve reconfigured them, removed over half the seats, and made six different stations onboard for vaccinating.

LISA GRESCI: Complete with refrigerators to store the vaccine and proper spacing.

AUGUST CHAPMAN: They look like the Patriot’s buses.

LISA GRESCI: One after the other, people were able to register and head on in.

GEOFF FOSTER: Totally easy. I got here, I checked in, and there was no wait. I was able to go right on to the bus. I was processed in about two minutes and got the shot.

LISA GRESCI: Partnering with A Yankee Line, Inc. and Purple Shield Alert, the city of Lowell working to make the process as convenient as possible, starting with the hardest-hit neighborhood.

EILEEN DONOGHUE: We want the message out to all the residents to know that please take advantage of these opportunities to have them right in your neighborhood, to protect you, to protect your families, and finally kind of conquer this virus.

LISA GRESCI: And for those who haven’t been able to get an appointment or make their way to the mass vaccination sites, this is just what the doctor ordered.

GEOFF FOSTER: I just feel great. I feel like this is a huge step, not just for me, but for my family. And to be able to start moving us into healthier days ahead.

LISA GRESCI: A total of 500 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be given today. And though this is the first pop-up site, it won’t be the last, with the city right now finalizing the next neighborhood to hit next week. Reporting in Lowell, Lisa Gresci, WBZ News.

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