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BOULDER, Colo. (KKTV) - The University of Colorado is dealing with what may be the largest data breach that comprimised personal records in the universities history. That’s according to our news partners at CBS Denver.

On Friday, the university announced more than 310,000 university records were comprimised. This reportedly includes grades, transcripts, visa and disability status, medical and prescription information, and social security numbers.

CU Vice President of Communications, Ken McConnellogue, says at least 310,000 records with personal data have been compromised.

“In late January we use a third-party vendor to transfer large, and sometimes confidential, files on our campuses, and that vendor let us know that they were victim of cyberattack,” McConnellogue said. “What we’ve also learned is they are now trying to extort both the university and individuals to have them pay so that they don’t post that information on the dark web.”

McConnellogue says the university is notifying all students who were involved and giving them credit and identity monitoring as well as tools they can use to protect themselves.

Students and employees can take proactive steps to protect their identity by clicking here. Those who were impacted can also put a fraud alert and security freeze on their credit report.

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