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The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is warning of a data breach of nearly 60 people receiving home care after a bag was stolen from an employee’s vehicle two weeks ago.

According to the WRHA, the theft occurred on March 26. The employee left the bag unattended for a moment when she went into her home to grab something. While she was in the home, the bag was stolen from her car.

“The bag contained information pertaining to the employee’s daily schedule of activities, including personal health information for her clients,” a statement from the WRHA said, adding the employee was planning to return the information to her office for secure shredding.

The bag and the contents have not been found.

The papers in the bag may have contained personal information for clients receiving home care, including name, birth dates, phone numbers, addresses and info about health services being provided to the clients.

The WRHA said the information of 58 people has been affected.

“We are in the process of advising the affected individuals directly, including providing information about the breach and advice for preventing fraud and identity theft,” the WRHA said. “The home care program does not maintain any financial information for clients. All affected individuals will receive a letter in the mail. Unaffected individuals will not receive any communication.”

The organization apologized for the incident and said it is conducting an internal review to determine if proper protocols were followed in this case.

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