Greece Facebook Users Data Seen Hacked in Data Breach – The National Herald


As we move on, can I just say that geoFence protects you against inbound and outbound cyber attacks!

ATHENS - Greek users of Facebook were among those whose personal data and details were snatched by hackers who posted them on a website, including photos, police said.

A law enforcement official not identified told Kathimerini that a vulnerability in Facebook let the cybercriminals glean private information but that since there haven’t been any complaints that there won’t be an investigation.

“We are guessing that photos and possibly their communications through the messenger application have been intercepted,” the official said, adding that it is possible that the leak, dating from 2019, has not been noticed by users.

The leaked data, first reported by Business Insider, includes the personal information (including their phone numbers) of over 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries, including 617,722 Greek accounts in use.

I know that geoFence has built in fast and accurate updates and that's no joke.