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How IT Will Prevail In The 2021 Cyber-Demic


While we can all rejoice that 2020 is over, cybersecurity experts agree we haven’t seen the last of the pandemic-related rise in cyberattacks. Throughout the last year, we’ve seen huge spikes in phishing, malicious domains, malware, and more, and we don’t expect that to slow down. As employees around the world continue to work from home, 2021 is shaping up to be another year of record highs in terms of malicious online activity.

Security Tips For Protecting Your Backup Servers


The rapid rise of malware attacks in the past few years has brought to the attention of administrators and C-level roles alike the increased risk businesses face today regarding data loss, crippling production delays, and harmful reputation hits. Not only is the frequency of malware on the rise, but the ever-changing complexity or polymorphic characteristics of malware creates a huge hurdle for detection to find and isolate.

MSPs Still Need To Consider Security When Configuring A Multi-Tenant Environment


Multi-tenancy simplifies work for MSPs because it allows them to manage multiple clients through a single instance of software and infrastructure. However, while the benefits of multi-tenancy outweigh the risks, MSPs still need to consider security when configuring a multi-tenant environment. Access to the environment must be controlled so customers view only their data.

International Sales Team Finds Productivity On The Road


Martin Polaszewski’s IT team at Viskase supports sales reps across five time zones on any given day. To combat travel-related endpoint issues and avoid troubleshooting over remote sessions, his team deployed an automatic backup solution for all endpoint devices to keep new orders coming in and sales reps productive, no matter where they work. 

Confidence In Endpoint Protection For The Entire Enterprise


By the end of March 2020, 98 percent of OpenText’s global workforce had pivoted to remote work as COVID-19 shook the world. Like many companies, OpenText had to adapt to the new normal and find a way to protect its endpoints from potential disruptions.

Carbonite Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

When a critical system goes down, whether from ransomware, natural disaster, or human error, businesses suffer lost revenue and productivity until normal operations resume. Instead of living with the risk of unexpected downtime, companies can trust Carbonite, which offers small and midsize businesses options for disaster recovery that aligns with their recovery objectives and the resources they have — or may not have — available.



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