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During a regular Saline County Commission meeting held Thursday morning, April 1, Auditor Karlin Breshears briefly discussed the data breach.

“We were back up and going as of last Thursday afternoon,” she said. “They have put in security measures. We now have new 16 character login credentials and security backup on that.”

In other news, Northern Commissioner Stephanie Gooden made a statement and informed members in the community that Saline County has not received any American Rescue Plan funds yet.

“It was signed by President Biden March 11th,” she explained. “We know the estimation to be about six months now before it is given to the county and the cities. These are the rural counties and cities. We will make an announcement when we have the funds and plans on how to distribute the funds. And again, the cities are getting their own funds, as well.”

Gooden added Saline County is going to receive the funds in two separate payments and the first one is expected approximately six months after the plan’s signage on March 11, 2021.

Collector Cindi Sims and Assessor Jessica Goodman both shared a few updates regarding the possible 25 percent increase in the county’s assessed value.

“Those letters have hit the mail,” Sims said. “ … I wasn’t here yesterday, but people called. Maybe Marshall got theirs. I didn’t get mine yet. So they are in the mailboxes and they’re out. If you have any questions you can call our offices and we can explain, but we really don’t know much more than what this letter says right now until assessments are done.”

Goodman stated a second round of letters went out for the county’s personal property assessments, too.

“Currently, we only have 74 percent of our assessments — that were mailed — turned back in,” she noted. “We’ve had a lot of phone calls that said that they mailed them in January and we have not received them. So, again, I think it’s the mail not getting assessments back.”

Goodman said if residents do receive a second assessment and they did turn it in, to call the Re-assessment Office to make sure it has been turned in. She added once it’s late after May 1, 2021, it’s late.

“I cannot void that penalty — it’s state statute,” Goodman explained. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve mailed it in, it’s the fact that we haven’t received it in the office.”

Sims asked Goodman if the office goes by the postmark’s date if an assessment came in a month and a half later. Goodman said yes. Be that as it may, Sims and Goodman highly recommend residents use the dropbox located in the circle drive at the Saline County Courthouse.

“Or E-file … that’s your guarantee — you get back a confirmation that we did receive it,” Goodman said. “Fax it, email it — I mean, we pretty much take it anyway you can get it to us.”

Lastly, the commission approved a few commission orders requested by County Clerk Debbie Russell. The following commission orders that were approved are as follows:

— Commission Order No. 6083: Cash transfer for payroll in the amount of $140,436.06

— Commission Order No. 6084: Transfer of the 940 payroll taxes in the amount of $25,205.77

Russell stated the third commission order was for .7 percent CERF in elective savings from payroll deductions totaling to $3,339.99. The commission approved the payroll commission orders as presented.

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