Vaccine expert: Data breach unexpected as officials sort out rollout kinks – Newstalk ZB


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The training wheels are still on as officials establish a nationwide Covid-19 vaccine database.

Canterbury DHB has been left red-faced, after an error meant people were able to view information about other people booking their appointment.

A person's name, gender, age and NHI number could be seen, but not their health history.

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research Director Professor Graham Le Gros told Mike Hosking it's the first time this has ever been done -- and the system will go through growing pains.

"Remember, people travel all over the place, and they all want their vaccine, and they will say 'Can I change so I get it down in Dunedin?', so we do need to have those databases in place so we can track and monitor, and know what's going on."

He says not everything will go according to plan.

"Just imagine if the Auckland motorway breaks down as it sometime does and you've got vaccine on one side of the Harbour and you've got to get it to people on the other side.

"We've got to get those logistical things in place. It takes practice." 


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