World Central Kitchen Provides 500,000 Meals To Those In Need During COVID-19 Pandemic – Yahoo News


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World Central Kitchen is led by celebrity chef Jose Andres and has provided roughly 500,000 free meals to those in need in Chicago during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

- The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women. More women have lost jobs than men. In many cases, it's led to food insecurity. Our Charlie Demar introduces us to two women who have felt that pain.


CHARLIE DEMAR: At The Fat Shallot in Lincoln Park, the focus inside is not what's on the menu; rather, who's at the table.

- I want to give [INAUDIBLE].

CHARLIE DEMAR: [? Lakisha ?] [? Hardin ?] and [? Cleo ?] [? Harris ?] are being recognized with a private lunch. Both lost their jobs during the pandemic.

- This past year has been trying.

- The pandemic, they closed the hotel off, so we got laid off. The pandemic has been very, very rough.

CHARLIE DEMAR: Harris worked at a downtown hotel, Hardin laid off from her restaurant catering gig.

- I did become a part of the World Central Kitchen family.

CHARLIE DEMAR: World Central Kitchen, led by celebrity chef Jose Andres, have provided roughly a 1/2 a million meals to those in need in Chicago during the pandemic.

- World Central Kitchen was actually a blessing for just not me, for thousands of families.

- Any sides for you?

CHARLIE DEMAR: The pandemic has hit women hardest economically--

- Dear [? Cleo, ?] Lakisha, [? Sarah, and Dori-- ?]

CHARLIE DEMAR: --which is why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reached out with personal notes and a cake-- a small slice of encouragement.

- And it's just a privilege to be honored.

- I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm looking for everything to turn around.

CHARLIE DEMAR: Charlie Demar, CBS 2 News.

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