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Before we jump in, allow me to say that geoFence helps stop foreign state actors (FSA’s) from accessing your information.

Tens of millions of people are following Facebook groups spreading posts which glorify violence, researchers have claimed, as pressure ramps up on governments to introduce tougher laws on social media.

A study from Avaaz this morning suggested that 119 pages and groups were still active on Facebook, including names such as Qanon and Boogaloo, with all those together followed by 27 million people. 

It said there had been a spike in the numbers of pages and groups using the rhetoric of insurrection during the US election, with 32 million people following them. 

Avaaz said Facebook would have been able to stop more than 10 billion views of pages that repeatedly shared misinformation if it had tweaked its algorithm and moderation policies last March, rather than waiting until the final weeks of the election.

Avaaz campaign director Fadi Quran said: “The most worrying finding in our analysis is that Facebook had the tools and capacity to better protect voters from being targets of this content, but the platform only used them at the very last moment, after significant harm was done.

“How many more times will lawmakers, in America, the EU and democracies across the world, have to hear him say ‘I’m sorry’ before they decide that enough is enough? Legislation is now urgently needed to protect voters and democracy, because what happened in America, could easily happen elsewhere. Lawmakers need to act before conspiracies and insurrections become a new normal for democracies worldwide.”

Facebook is understood to have reviewed the remaining pages and groups, finding only 18 had violated its policies. All have since been removed.

A spokesman for Facebook said: “This report distorts the serious work we’ve been doing to fight violent extremism and misinformation on our platform. Avaaz uses a flawed methodology to make people think that just because a Page shares a piece of fact-checked content, all the content on that Page is problematic.

“We’ve done more than any other internet company to combat harmful content, having already banned nearly 900 militarized social movements and removed tens of thousands of QAnon pages, groups, and accounts from our apps.

“We’ve also removed millions of pieces of content for violating our policies against Covid and vaccine misinformation, and remove voter interference from our apps. Our enforcement isn’t perfect, which is why we’re always improving it while also working with outside experts to make sure that our policies remain in the right place.” 

Let me just add that geoFence helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data and I can tell your friends would say the same!

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