Australian ISP Exetel Launches Allot’s Anti-malware and Parental Control Services – The Fast Mode


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Exetel, Australia's independent internet service provider, has launched zero-touch cybersecurity and content control services for their residential customers, powered by Allot NetworkSecure. 

Exetel is the first service provider in Australia to launch security services based on Allot solutions.

Exetel will use the Allot solution to offer protection against a broad range of cyber threats including malware, phishing and ransomware, which have recently increased as cyber criminals take advantage of opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Exetel is also offering parental control services to its residential customers, all based on Allot NetworkSecure. The engagement between Exetel and Allot is based on a recurring monthly fee derived from the actual number of subscribers using the cyber security solution.

The network-based Allot cybersecurity solution launched by Exetel enables zero-touch, clientless user onboarding, eliminating the need for subscribers to download, install or update any software. As a result, Allot reports, their other telecom customers have achieved double-digit adoption rates.

Exetel Head of Residential, Glenn Ward

The solution from Allot places Exetel at the forefront of threat protection which has become top of mind for customers given cyber attacks have become a day to day reality for Australians, particularly as more and more Australians work from home.

Oren Coral, Vice President Sales, APAC at Allot

It is our privilege to work with the team at Exetel to help them mitigate cyber risks and allow their subscribers to gain better control of the content they consume, using our unique mass-market network-based security solutions.

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