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Reflection Of The Year 2020 In Perspectives

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Exactly a year today in 2019,I was reflecting what actually went on that year. Among many thought that went through my mind at the time were; Youth Unemployment, Politics and Policy , National security, Community development and Cyber security.

Today,as I sat down to bargain with the Lord for another year,I remained grateful for a very wonderful year indeed. He remains my personal saviour. 2020 will undoubtedly,remained the most eventful and historic year in my life. This epistle is to remind my readers the major events that I reflected upon in my life in the 2020 .


The highest level of impunity was unprecedented. Lawlessness and brutality from our state own security agencies were never imagined. Broadday killing is on the rised . Citizens feel unsafe to go about their daily activities. Human Rights abuse and violation cannot goes unnoticed. We lived like migrants and were foreigners in our own country. I begin to wonder if I live in a country call Ghana that have received international accolades as a beacon of democracy where Human Rights and press freedom are it basic tenets .

For our safety to be guaranteed ,we must begin to probe the ethical and moral duties of our state own security officers . Granted that, what is the architecture of the law on our personal lives ? . Let’s me leave that to the security technocrats.


Youth Unemployment still remains a global pandemic. There is no clear link between the job market and schools curriculum. The few opportunities available are being controlled by the politicians . I have observed with keen notice that,in recent years, Academic qualifications no longer matter in seeking for job and employment. It is just simply as ABC. “It is base on who you know and who knows you”. One may be tempted to question, what happens to our School fees we paid to obtain our certificates?. This may sound insane, but as it stands now, that is it you either take it or leave it.

Gauging from the above pictorial view, should we be questioning the basis of mass youth migration, Vigilantism, terrorism, and many others. The future of the youth and graduates are threatened in the hands of our politicians. There is no decent jobs for the youth and graduates. We are left in the hands of wicked politicians to determine our fates and destiny.


The core existence of humanity is peaceful coexistence and togetherness. COVID 19 has cut family apart. We lived Island in the same geographical proximity. Family relations become a mirrage. There is no school any More. There is no religious activities any more . We are all prisoners in our own lands . Very distinguish and illustrous men and women lost their lives in line of duty to their country. Economic went on recession bringing hardship to families . We spend the year washing our hands without food. For my first time experience,rich , elites and the ordinary citizens were not respected by a simple tiny virus. The lessons are numerous and every person who lived within these times have their own story to tell.


I have voted for the third time in Ghana’s wealth amassing Democratic experiment. I must state without any little shred of doubt that this is the worst Election I have ever witnessed since Ghana returned to the path of multiparty democratic governance. This is the most violence Election I have ever witnessed. The used of military and police officers to kill unarmed civilians is a source of worry in country like Ghana. The brutality and torture by men and women in uniform should be condemned by all well meaning Ghanaians.

The killing of civilians in general election in Ghana should not be mentioned any where in our land.

In totality ,2020 has given me a hope and reason to live and thank God. Going forward,I know that 2021 will be a difficult year, but with God ,we shall over come .

Goodluck Jonathan Tampuor

Writer and Youth Activist

Disclaimer: “The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Modern Ghana. Modern Ghana will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article.”

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