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DOUGLAS (WNE) — Reliant Federal Credit Union announced a data breach in letters mailed out to customers Feb. 1. 

The Wyoming credit union has branches located in Casper, Douglas, Glenrock and Cody.

According to the announcement, the breach occurred in the credit union’s systems some time between March and June of last year. The incident did not involve Reliant’s core banking systems, officials said. 

“We have no reason to believe your personal information has been misused for the purpose of committing fraud or identity theft, or that any of your personal information was actually viewed or acquired by any unauthorized party,” credit union officials stated. 

However, in the letter they do admit “some of your information could have been viewed by an unauthorized third party who gained access to some of our employees’ email accounts between March-June 2020.” 

Reliant said they brought on a forensic security firm to conduct an investigation into the infiltration and to search for customers whose information may have been compromised. 

The types of information listed under the breach differs by individual, but may have included names, addresses, social security numbers, credit or debit card numbers and/or tax identification numbers. 

Due to the breach, Reliant is offering a complimentary one-year membership of credit bureau Experian’s IdentityWorks Credit3B program to customers.

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