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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University has confirmed that it is investigating a data breach that may have affected thousands of names, along with Social Security numbers.

The university said that when they learned of the breach, they secured the account and began an investigation. They are receiving help from a computer forensics form.

So far, they have not seen any misuse of information contained in the employee’s email account.

To help those affected, SU will be offering free access to an identity and privacy protection service.

Read the full statement from the university below:

“Like so many organizations, we are constantly working to mitigate the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach. Unfortunately, as is the case with many institutions, including financial, retail, and higher education, we recently experienced a data breach. Upon learning of this breach, we immediately secured the account and launched an investigation with the assistance of a computer forensics firm. Forensics investigations take time, including in this case where investigators had to manually review thousands of e-mails. To date, we are unaware of any misuse of the information maintained in the employee’s email account, nor do we have any evidence that personal information was actually viewed. To support those potentially affected, we are providing free access to an identity and privacy protection service. We have taken aggressive steps to prevent further incidents. This includes increasing training of staff to prevent this kind of incident in the future; securing the digital handling of personally identifiable information, and moving the whole campus to 2-factor authentication before the end of the fiscal year. We sincerely regret any concern this incident may have caused.”

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