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Knowing what I know now, ARE YOU JAGS SAFE? Is a recap of Southern University’s Jags Safe APP and Campus Securities initiative(s) overview. Asking the right questions to the Dean of Students actual proposed why these initiatives are thus, successful.

Lastly, discovering the spring 2021 semester’s latest news stories on campus violence & campus cyber security.

Where does the campus violence and campus cyber security law of the land story go from here? Well I’m here to attest that it is in-fact successful! Imagine a picturesque evidence based practice that focuses on perfectionism and creating an all around campus “safe zone”. See how those sentiments encourages creating safe scenes, investigations, mediations and distrust between the Southern Universities campus life, Southern university dean of students, and surrounding counterparts remains raining on students hypothetical parade.

Due recent unwarranted and suspicious activities on Southern University’s Baton Rouge campus, the Jags Safe and Campus Securities initiative(s) are in full-fledged activation this 2021 spring semester.

Anyone who has gone to a counseling therapist and mental health professional occasionally infers “are you okay?” and in a time like the present, today, poses the question “Are You JAGS SAFE?”

As a point to note, recent campus incident(s) suggest experts expect actively monitoring closely activities on campus and for responses to be strongly enforced in 2021. And the news of effective new technologies is taking center-stage!

I spoke briefly with the Dean of Students of Southern University A& M Colleges Mr. Montrice Oneal and here what he had to say: “In a perfect world, I would love to have a safe zone that would consist of individuals in each building for students. So that they can go to someone and address their concerns or a safe place.”

Mr. Oneal goes on to mention: “First and foremost it is important because, we live in a society where we want everything at our fingertips to be accessible. An with the JAGS SAFE APP, it’s an opportunity to allow students, at the drop of a dime to report there safety and to report where your are at the time, report if your seeing something. If you need to get in contact with the police department as soon as possible.”

Well, where does that leave us as students? The Southern University Police Department is responsible for preparing and distributing The Campus Security Act and requires colleges and universities to circulate the data and overall report [Link] . As advocates of the higher education community, we encourage members of the Southern University community to use this report for safe practices on and off campus. For a paper copy, contact the Southern University Police Department at 225-771-2770.

While asking the right confidential questions may lead to actual due reward and overall praise.

Here are some challenging components when faced with the SU campus securities act:

• How many students are affected?

• How powerfully are they affected?

• If they are affected positively, can the cause be replicated elsewhere?

• Or are these students victims?

• Could their suffering be avoided?

• Can we show how?

Here are a few strategies and proponents the act currently enforces:

• disclose crime statistics for the campus, public areas immediately adjacent to running through the campus, and certain non-campus and remote classrooms. The statistics must be gathered from campus police or security, local law enforcement, and other university officials who have “significant

responsibility for student and campus activities,

• provide “timely warning” notices of those crimes that have occurred and pose an ongoing “threat to students and employees,” and

• disclose in a public crime log “any crime that occurred on campus or within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police or security department, and is reported to the campus police or security department.”

The number one thing we want to focus on outside of academics is the safety of all our faculty, staff, and most importantly the students, well said by the dean of students reports and encourages everyone to be JAGS SAFE! At Southern University we are always here to help with open eyes, ears, and hearts. Here are a few things on what you need to know about higher education “safe zone” programs in your area. We reached out to Criminal Justice major and Student Government Association President, Mr. Chandler Vidrine and his response was well received!

“Southern University’s Safe Zones & JAGS SAFE APP are initiatives which are highly effective and I encourage students to download these tools, as they assist in ensuring the campus has proper safety resources for the community to utilize.”

As a point to reference, sources say higher education agencies are moving with little satisfaction to revamp one of the most successful “safe zone” programs in its historical conception. You may be familiar with: center for digital education recently hosted a webinar titled Remote Learning Environments and Security: How to Reduce Risks in the Midst of a Pandemic.

“The number of cyberattacks on educational institutions has grown faster than in any other sector: a 30 percent increase compared to 6.5 percent across all other industries. Higher education institutions were already vulnerable before COVID-19, and the growth of remote learning over the last year has only exacerbated this issue.”- center for digital education

Here’s a quick hack to the SU Safe App

[Link] where updates weekly on current information such as organizational services, resources, news, events and keep everyone you know, in the know.

Get this; all of it is free to its students! The most important incentive is to keep students informed. Any questions regarding SU Safe App, or who and where you can receive the free information please click the link!

Phone: 225-771-2770

Email: [email protected]


SUBR CrimeStoppers 771-3784 
Baton Rouge City Police 911 
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff 911 
Baton Rouge Fire Department 911

Stay Aware, Stay Cognizant, and STAY JAGS SAFE!!

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