Australian experts at webinar on Cyber Security and data Protection tomorrow –


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Successfully implemented Modern Cyber Security Solutions will be discussed at the Webinar on Cyber Security to be held tomorrow from 3: 30 – 5: 30 p.m.

Udara Dharmadasa, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Thomas Peer Solutions (Australia), a technology consulting firm that provides IT consulting services to Government and enterprise level organisations across the APAC region will be the main speaker at the above Webinar detailing successful implementation of Cyber security systems for large Financial Institutions in Australia and the Region .

With a background in networking, security and computer engineering, Udara has over 25 years’ experience in deploying IT Infrastructure, data backup and cyber security technologies encompassing technical, business development and managerial roles.

Through continued success in delivering impactful and innovative projects, Udara is recognised as an insightful thought leader within the IT channel industry, regularly being invited to participate in panels at leading international conferences such as Canalys, VeeamOn, Dell Technologies and RSA Forums.

Globally, Threat Intelligence Systems have reported a near 40% increase in cyber-attacks since the start of COVID-19. The accelerated demand for agile and flexible work systems, with the necessity to ‘work from home’ and the use of Internet-based apps, have provided cyber attackers an excellent environment to exploit financial systems.

The foundation of a financial system is trust. To win the trust of their stakeholders, financial institutions must strictly preserve their confidentiality. Increase in communications and technology interdependence within the Sri Lankan financial systems makes it more vulnerable to cyber attacks. With Sri Lanka rising as a South Asian and a global financial hub, it will attract numerous cyber-attacks due to large volume of financial transactions.

The other resource persons at this webinar will be Sri Lanka CERT CEO and Sri Lanka Air Force former CITO Air Commander (Retd.) Jayasiri Amarasena, ICTA Director/Legal Advisor and Data Protection Drafting Committee Chairman Jayantha Fernando, DeltaSpike/Eguardian Principal Consultant and Founder Shihan Annon.

Areas that will be focused at this webinar will be protection against faceless Intruders, Cyber Vault in modern data centres, an overview of the proposed legislature, and Technicalities in Cyber Investigations.

The seminar is meant for IT Professionals of banks, finance and leasing companies, telecommunication companies, stockbrokers and primary dealers, other financial institutions, insurance companies and brokers, accountants, lawyers and regulators.

For registrations, contact 

Jane – +94 77 0715 595 

John – +94 70 6420 642.

In closing, I know that geoFence protects you against inbound and outbound cyber attacks and I believe your father would say the same.

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