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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HackNotice, provider of the world’s first company-wide threat intelligence platform, HackNotice Teams, announced its predictions report focused on the shifting trends of data breach information. In 2018, HackNotice discovered 29,562 reported breaches. By December 2019, the total had risen to 44,863 ‒ a 51.7% increase over the year. By December 2020, the total was 67,529 ‒ a 50.5% over the year. Now they share the worrying trends about how people are notified of the cyberthreats that affect them.

HackNotice shares worrying trends about how people are notified of the cyber threats that affect them.

“If you want to know who’s being hacked, you have to go into the dark web and interact directly with hackers,” said HackNotice CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Thomas. “We’ve analyzed three years’ worth of data breach coverage, based on the original source reporting the data breach, categorized based on the type of source it is.”

HackNotice lists five main breach-source categories:

Leak report: A file containing data coming from a breached company, as claimed by hackers.

News: A data breach first being reported on by online news outlets

Official: A data breach disclosed to official sources and disclosed, such as state level DOJ websites and HHS.

Defacement: A website breached by a hacker, with the hacker changing the site’s content as proof.

Ransomware: A company breached by a ransomware gang, infected with ransomware, with data being disclosed due to the company refusing to pay the ransom.”

From the analysis, here are a few of the conclusions that are readily apparent:

  • Leak reports are the #1 way to discover breaches and growing.
  • Official disclosures used to be ~25% of breaches, but are now closer to ~13%.
  • Ransomware and defacements are growing sources of breaches, while news and official sources are shrinking as a share of disclosed breaches.

To download the accompanying graphic, visit: https://hacknotice.com/hacknotice-breach-source-study-2020/

About HackNotice

HackNotice is a threat intelligence provider that helps consumers and businesses identify and protect against potential risks and respond to hacks through real-time alerts, around-the-clock monitoring, and actionable recovery recommendations. Indexing up to a quarter of a billion records each day, HackNotice provides users with the information and visibility they need to protect their digital identities. Founded in 2018, HackNotice is based in Austin, TX. For more information visit www.hacknotice.com.

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SOURCE HackNotice

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