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DORADO, Puerto Rico, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Digital destination Money announced the launch of a new tool centered around increasing cybersecurity awareness, along with best practices on protecting users from identity theft. As the world has become even more reliant on the internet in the past year, Money’s new Data Breach Tool allows users to learn which data breaches their personal data has already been compromised in and sign up for text and email alerts to learn when their email is compromised in a new data breach. With 10.5 billion known accounts breached worldwide1 and counting, understanding whether your data has been compromised is a critical first step to ensure personal data safety. Usage is free and simple: input an email address and Money shows you all the known breaches your data has been a part of plus details on each breach. 

COVID-19 has created a cybercriminal paradise with people using the internet now more than ever. When personal data is compromised in a data breach, cybercriminals may be able to gain access to bank accounts, tax info, social media platforms, cloud services, contacts and more. Data breaches can be very damaging and expensive for both businesses and users and take considerable time and money to repair. The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. in 2020 was $8.64 million2. With Money’s new Data Breach Tool, users will find out whether their email was compromised in almost 500 breaches and counting.

The Data Breach Tool kicks off a new area of coverage for Money and is part of a larger effort from the popular personal finance site to protect readers’ money and identity in a digital world. Following the launch, Money will publish a series of relevant stories, analysis and advice on data breaches, scams, and identity protection throughout 2021.

“This decade will be a make-or-break time for everyone to protect their digital livelihoods,” said Mike Ayers, Executive Editor of Money. “Money’s new data breach tool gives everyone a free, easy-to-use first step in fighting back against those who want our personal information.”

“Our goal was to build something that consumers’ could easily use to keep their financial identity safe — and arm them with knowledge that could protect it into the future,” said Melissa Powel, Head of Product at Money. “With everything moving online this year, particularly holiday shopping, consumers need to be proactive about protecting their digital identity.”

Along with the new tool, Money experts provide advice and information on data breaches; how to safeguard your online accounts, what to do if your personal data is detected in a breach, and more. Money is also tapping into the expertise of several security partners to provide users with additional support. In addition, Money’s Data Breach Tool will be highlighted in Money’s first-ever national TV commercial campaign in the U.S. beginning December 28th.

With over 600 million passwords already compromised in known data breaches3, it is essential to secure personal data now. Money’s Data Breach Tool offers users some peace of mind as more and more of our lives become digital.

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